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WhatsApp comes with a lot of critical features such as cross-platform, free download and browser messaging.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. These days, there are a lot of applications that allow you to communicate with someone from the other side of the globe. One of those apps is WhatsApp.

So, what is WhatsApp? What are a few of its features? And, what are its pros and cons? If you are curious to know the answers to these questions, then read on.



What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a messenger app that is designed to be cross-platform. This means that if you have WhatsApp, you can communicate with a friend or family member who has WhatsApp whether their OS is Nokia, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

WhatsApp runs via the Internet meaning your calls and communication runs through the Internet data streams and not on your telecommunications provider, which is much costlier. Furthermore, WhatsApp has a lot of features to be desired.

What Are A Few Important Features Of WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp Free Download – this is one of the best features of WhatsApp. The developers are very vocal in terms of making their app free for download. Although you have to pay for Internet data, the app itself doesn’t cost you anything.
  • WhatsApp Multimedia – WhatsApp is designed so you can easily send multimedia elements. With WhatsApp you can send images and videos to your friends or family.
  • WhatsApp Web – WhatsApp is an application that is mainly designed for mobile devices. However, in case you don’t have your phone nearby or you’re too lazy to grab your phone, the WhatsApp Web allows you to send and read messages from your internet browser.

Pros Of WhatsApp

  • Easy To Use – this is one of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp. It’s a stand-alone messaging app that is very intuitive and easy to use. In fact, even a novice mobile user will be able to figure the app in a couple of minutes.
  • Few Advertisements – the developers of WhatsApp are also vocal when it comes to keeping their app free from mass advertisements that go all over the place. And it’s true. At the moment, you will never see advertising on the display screen.
  • No International Costs – even if you are using WhatsApp to call a family or friend, you will never be charged with long-distance telecommunication rates. This results to saving a lot more money.

Cons Of WhatsApp

  • Smartphone Only – as of this moment, support for WhatsApp is heavily skewed towards smartphone users.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps today, and for good reasons. The app comes with a lot of critical features such as cross-platform, free download and browser messaging. Furthermore, it offers a lot of advantages such as easy to use comes with a few advertisements and saves you a great deal of money.


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